ten-przejscie.katowice.pl - You´re gonna rock to this
You´re gonna rock to this
You´re gonna drop to this

10 o´clock
Weekend, bout to head out to the garden of eden
Got my shelltoes and my kangol
Before I hit the door I got to grab my cellphone
Bout to call my boys and see what´s up?
Are you rolling with this chick or what?
Meet me at the spot
I`ll be the one round the back in the drop top

Chorus x2
DJ, Gime me a beat I can rock to
I want a joint you can drop to
The ceiling is craving in
The speakers is rumbling

Turn it up, bum the bass
´Cause we bout to tear the roof off this place
Shake ya ass
Check ya glass
Put you hands up, let the track blast
This beat´s so ridiculous
I think this dancefloor´s about to bust
Everybody on the wall
Better press it ´cause it´s about to be last call

We ain´t trying to leave the club
Now let me show you how to get a crunk
Hit the floor, lock the door
It´s time to go

Repeat Chorus x2

If you came to dance, clap your hands
Ladies crab your man and
Fell the bass, go uhh-uhh
All in your face, go uhh-uhh

Repeat Chorus x4

Give me a beat I can
I want a joint you can rock to
Give me a beat I can
I want a joint you can rock to

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